Lomography Series (9): White Knight


2 thoughts on “Lomography Series (9): White Knight

  1. Killer pics man, first one is really nice.
    You know you are looking at an awesome pic when after first look you wish you would have taken it :)

    One thing: I wish you would have taken first pic a little closer, wrinkles on his face would have made it an amazing pic. like http://www.flickr.com/photos/dvandegriend/5072188657/ or http://www.rahulphotography.com/index.php?showimage=134
    Also since there is hardly any color in the pic, BnW version will be more dramatic and appealing.

    Just thought of commenting it as its easier than sending a mail, hope u dont mind it and feel free to delete this comment as this is rather a mail :) keep clicking.

    • Thanks a lot, Rahul! Thanks for the suggestions, mate. However, I wished I could do that, for I do not have a DSLR camera yet and this one was taken by a cam that was incapable of good close-ups.

      Anyway, I saw your website and love your photos too! Will follow your site from now on. Cheers!

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