Istanbul, Turkey

1. Women’s innerwear being sold next to the Suleymaniye Mosque. Nothing out of the ordinary, here. Move along.


2. Just  a shoe shine man.


3. Lower your gaze, you’re inside a mosque.


3. Again, inside a mosque compound.


4. Boisterous little fella’.


5. Catching some zzz’s on a slow Sunday afternoon.


6. On the banks of the Bosphorus.


7. This young man is going for a little snip-snip of his weenie. He doesn’t know it yet. They didn’t dress ya’ up for nothing,  sonny.


8. Don’t miss the goatee.


All photos © Siddharth Singh, 2012.


Paris et Genève

(c) Siddharth Singh 2011

1. Grayscale in Genève

2.  Not a Scooter Pie

3.  The Quay, Genève

4.  The Flag of Nations

5. Ducks

6.  The Maple Leaf

7.   Yellow Submarine

8.   Pensive


9.  Lake Geneva

10.  Space Invader!

Amrit – II

By Siddharth SIngh (c) 2009

Water, which is scarce in this part of India (in Rajasthan) is stored in large clay containers (called ghadas) to keep the water fresh and cool.

I saw this in a market in a village. This one is public. It is sustained by a few shop-keepers for all to have.

Notice the swastikas on the supports of the slab? It is a vedic symbol and has nothing to do with the Nazis.