Shadows and Sunshine

By Siddharth (c) 2009

This is inside a house in a village in Rajasthan, one of the poorest state of India. The sunlight is striped because a part of the ceiling is made of metal rods. The containers seen are called “ghadas” and they keep water clean and cool.


Amrit – II

By Siddharth SIngh (c) 2009

Water, which is scarce in this part of India (in Rajasthan) is stored in large clay containers (called ghadas) to keep the water fresh and cool.

I saw this in a market in a village. This one is public. It is sustained by a few shop-keepers for all to have.

Notice the swastikas on the supports of the slab? It is a vedic symbol and has nothing to do with the Nazis.


When I took this photo, I didn’t realize there is something wrong with the cow.  I have been used to watching cows all the time in rural Rajasthan, in Western India. Rajasthan is a very dry state and is the location of the Thar desert, which is India’s largest. When I put it up on Facebook, an American friend of mine commented, “sad!”. It was only then that it struck me that this cow is impoverished! It is lifeless due to the lack of water and green grass. I was so very used to looking at such cows since I was very young, that somewhere subconsciously such a sight got registered as being  normal.