Travel Bucket List

Places I would love to go before I die (this list is often edited retroactively):

  1. Drive across the Australian outback in a Range Rover wearing khakis like this.
  2. Safari at the Serengeti (Tanzania) and Masai Mara (Kenya).
  3. Go to Antarctica via South America.
  4. Eat my way around Turkey. Have my first cup of coffee on the banks of The Bosphorus. 
  5. Arunanchal Pradesh, preferably on motorbike.
  6. The Valley of Kashmir, and then Leh.
  7. Micronesia.
  8. The land of the midnight Sun.
  9. Most of the states in India, including Kerala.
  10. Lakshadweep Islands (India) on a sail boat.
  11. Travel to an untouched part of Northern Ireland.
  12. Have Bordeaux in Bordeaux on the way to Nice, by road.
  13. Goa, again and again and again. And again.
  14. Paragliding in New Zealand.
  15. Travel by train around Western Europe, including Spain and Portugal.
  16. Hitchhike my way around Eastern Europe.
  17. Ride a Yak in Sikkim, India. 
  18. Westy 12 and other Trappists in Belgium.
  19. Drive on the Malabar Coast (Western Indian Coast) in a locally made Chinkara Roadster.
  20. The East Coast and West Coast of the USA.
  21. Trans-Siberian Railway from Western to Eastern Russia, and then the Tibetan Railway from Eastern China to Tibet.
  22. A few of India’s neighbours: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan (the Happiest Place on Earth – well almost).
  23. Watching mindless jingoism by India and Pakistan at the Wagah-Attari Border Ceremony. One of the most distressing things one can see.
  24. I want to not-have-pigs in Israel and Palestine.
  25. Take the “Motorcycle Diaries” journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina across South America, including places such as the Andes, Atacama Desert, and the Amazon River Basin.
  26. Go to the crown of Lady Liberty in New York.
  27. Watch test cricket in all major stadiums in South Africa and Australia.
  28. Tennis at the Wimbledon.
  29. Comedy clubs in the UK and USA.
  30. The Temple of Tigers in Thailand.
  31. Congo.
  32. Play boardgames with locals in China. 



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